About Lafayette Private Equity, Inc.

Do you have enough clients? Enough wealthy clients? Acquiring clients can be difficult or easy. It’s easy when you use the same process of top producers. Javelin Marketing, Inc. packages the marketing systems of top producers and makes them available to all planners who want to quickly grow their business. These systems are designed and field-proven in actual practices of highly successful planners.

Resources to gain large IRA and retirement Accounts

Want to know how to fill the seminar room with qualified attendees without feeding people dinner? Want to close appointments right at the seminar? How about a newsletter that gets you 20 responses every month? Would you like to run an ad that has 20-30 people call you? How would you like to be an author overnight? Would you like to be the most qualified advisor to attract the 6 and 7 figure IRA account in your town? Want to know how to find and target existing annuity owners for exchanges and conversions to life policies?

Find out how to attract qualified prospects for estate planning and actually have them take action. Learn how a top producer sells 400 LTC policies year after year. Each of these systems provides access to conference calls with an expert on the system so that you can implement it just as the top producer uses it. Never be in need of new clients again.